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01 Consultation

After initial interest in Suraleigh Co. is expressed, I will schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation call to discuss your project and see if we are a good fit. This is the time to let me know the goals you are trying to accomplish, the values and mission of your brand, as well as your ideal brand style. I will also go over my process as well as all the admininistrative tasks to get done. After the call, I will send a proposal of the details we discussed. Once you give me the good to go, then we move on to the next step!

02 Brainstorm

Depending on your project, I will either send you a Branding or Website Content Questionnaire to fill out in order to get a more in depth understanding of your brand. Branding clients will also receive a link for a shared Pinterest Board to start pinning inspirational images to which will then be used for a Mood Board. A mood board will serve as inspiration throughout the project and will be the start of building a consistent brand. Website Design clients will be asked to provide all content (images, copy, branding elements) they wished to be used.

03 Design

The most fun phase of the project!

BRANDING: We have our defined visions, and now I get to put everything together to build a personally styled brand. I will schedule each week which deliverables to expect, and we will continue to discuss back and forth until we have reached exactly what you want (typically 3-4 rounds of edits). Once the branding board is complete, all files will be shared via dropbox.  

WEBSITE DESIGN: I wil build out the site to include the pages an content we have discussed. Once I get the site designed to an appropriate level, I will let you come in, review, and send all the feedback you want!



Websites will be launched! Logos will be seen! At this time you will have all files needed for your brand and live website. I will offer a 30 minute tutorial on managing your site and answer any other questions you might have via Skype. During this time if there is any other marketing related items you would like to develop, we can discuss add ons. I am also available for website maintenance at an hourly rate if that is in your needs.