Nutritional Beth - The Wellness Company

Business: Health Coach + Food Blog

Style: Warm + Modern + Clean

Beth is a fellow yogi friend, and she came to me looking to help launch her new brand focusing on holistic health coaching and foods. She is such a vibrant spirit with a wonderful heart and amazing business sense! I knew we would work great together to get her new endeavor up and running. Beth’s main focus is helping people get healthy, so she wanted her brand to reflect the serious nature of health issues but also how much fun it can be. We went with a warm color palette with a pop of bright. We also focused on clean and traditional fonts that would enhance the colors.

Getting Beth’s branding nailed down did not take long. We were definitely on the same page from the start. One of the first concepts I sent over, she immediately loved and we edited from there. Beth’s main marketing strategy is to reach people via her website, so we created just a few print materials and focused our energy towards her online presence. I really loved working on her site and everything fell into place once she was able to gather her brand photos. Her site has such a welcoming and fun vibe!

I really look forward to working with Beth in the future! We already have a few more projects in the works together. It really is the best when a client becomes a client for life but also a really good friend! Check Beth out here!