Gina Griego Hair

Business: Hair Stylist | Colorist

Style: Classic + A little bit Edgy + Clean

One of my favorites so far! Gina came to me looking for help branding her hair styling business. She is located in California and does absolutely beautiful work. She needed her brand to reflect her strong dedication to her clients as well as her own personal style. Gina's salon currently has a more rustic feel so she wanted to merge the concept of rustic tones with her style of classic + edgy.

We went back and forth on a couple different concepts but kept coming back to finding a font that was clean but also unique to the brand. We decided to combine a strong serif font, Red Velvet, with the classic sans serif, Raleway. The color palette was also a little out of Gina's comfort zone as she usually gravitates to neutral black, grey, and white tones. We went with a bold navy and orange scheme complimented with softer tones for a cozier, rustic look.

GIna was so much fun to work with!! I am very happy with the final concept and loved putting everything to work in her marketing materials and revamp of her website. Check her beautiful work out here!