Yoga Balance

Business: Yoga at work

Style: Inviting + Approachable with green + grey tones

It's so exciting when you get to work with one of your very best friends! Yoga Balance is the amazing concept from Kelsey Konsen that brings yoga into the workplace. Kelsey and I did our Yoga Teacher Training together and hit it off from the beginning. It was a Pitta + Kapha LOVE (yoga lingo for you!). Once we finished training and were left to decide just where to take our yoga knowledge, Kelsey went after her goal of making yoga more approachable and inviting for everyone. She quickly established Yoga Balance and came to me to bring her brand's visions to life.

We wanted to make YB inviting by introducing greenery but also keep that sense of health and wellness which the color green is associated with. We also really played on "YB", since Kelsey loved that element. After nailing down her branding, we started her website, and it all just kind of fell into place. Her site needed to be easy to navigate, lots of call to action, and room to display the awesome work she is doing with her clients. So excited to have this brand launched and ready to go! Go check YB out! #namaste

YB Laptop.png