Katie Trevino Yoga

Business: Yoga Instructor

Style: Calm + Clean with Cool + Blue tones

The other passion in my life besides my little design business is YOGA! When I decided to launch my business full time, I also decided to sign up for a yoga teacher training. I felt like the new career path I was taking already pushed me to take a risk. Why not take another one and sign up for something I would love to know more about? Yoga was there for me when I wasn't super thrilled at my corporate job. It was this tiny escape I had where everything flowed perfectly, and I was content. When I started teacher training, I was on the fence if I would even teach or not. I went in with an open mind and if it wasn't me, then that was quite alright. I would walk away with a deeper understanding of the practice and maybe a new friend or two. BUT I quickly realized I love teaching and want to share with everyone what I have learned.

Getting my certification also meant I could brand myself! My teaching focuses on gaining confidence, balance, strength, and flexibility all in a calm energy space. I wanted my brand to reflect those values. When you look at the color palette, I wanted a wave of calmness to take over you. With the flower icon, I wanted you to see stability and beauty. And of course I can't stay away from grey tones. If you would love so much more yoga in your life, I am here for you! Check out my little online oasis below!


Katie Yoga Laptop.png
Yoga Branding Board.png