Colleen Robison

Business: Blogger, Speaker, Trainer, & Yoga Instructor! (Basically an all-around BOSS!)

Style: Whimsy + Professional with Blue + Green + Purple Tones

This girl is amazing!! I had the privilege of meeting Colleen during my yoga teacher training and adore her. She is one of the sweetest, most warm, giving people I have ever met. When she approached me to help her with branding her coaching and speaking business, I immediately said YES! Colleen and I have similar backgrounds as we both left desk style jobs to pursue careers we are more passionate about. We also tend to be introvert, quieter types and so we naturally gravitated towards each other. Colleen's business is all about coaching people to thrive in a healthy environment. She wants to take her experience with health and fitness and help people achieve their goals.

Colleen had a bit of branding and an established website when we began, but she wanted her brand to be more professional as she is trying to attract more clients for speaking engagements. She still wanted to keep a bit of a whimsy style but still be professional. I love the color palette we came up with because I just love playing with color in general! I also wanted to give her a branded mark that she could use when preparing any speaking materials, i.e. handouts. I couldn't love working with her anymore and so happy I could help her in pushing her business a little further! Check her out!

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