Born and raised in Houston, TX, I graduated from Texas Tech University  with a degree in Finance and completed my MBA at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. I started Suraleigh Co. after spending seven years in corporate America in an industry I did not feel passionate about. I knew the only way to completely fulfill my career ambitions was to venture out on my own and make a change of direction. After many months soul searching and deciding what I loved most, I took the leap into soloprenuership and created Suraleigh Co. I have always loved design from clothing to home decor and art, I knew immediately I wanted to combine that with my business minded spirit. When I am not designing, you can find me at yoga, trying every new restaurant in town, hanging out by some type of water to beat the Houston heat, or planning my next traveling adventure. 


I knew I wanted something very personal. I didn’t want to limit myself either just in case I changed my mind on my business plan or the business expanded into different areas. I started thinking of words I really like and that might sound good together but again I went back to wanting something personal and reflective of myself.  I started playing around with my full name and making combinations out of parts of it. I have a very common name, so anything with Katie was most likely already taken. I decided to focus on my middle name, Leigh, although common it was a little more versatile. I then took the first two letters of mom’s middle name, Susan, and my sister’s middle name, Rae. Played with MANY combinations and finally landed at Suraleigh. I knew it was the right fit. Personal. Unique. Stylish.



Photography by Diamond Oak Photography.

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